Secret to Dominican Republic Realty Market

Everybody knows how hard the Caribbean was hit after the great recession in 2008. Surprisingly (to some) it wasn’t hit as hard as many other regions of the Caribbean or even the rest of the world. But the little known secret is making a major comeback and many investors are cashing in!

What’s Happening Now

We’ve since seen the DR Market ‘on a slow up trend’ due to a booming world economy and a substantial gain in tourism compared to the most recent years. Hot spots like Puna Cana and Case de Campo which are found along the eastern and southern coast have seen the most substantial growth when compared to the northern side of the country. This is likely due to the limited number of international flights flying to that part of the region; which generally leads to less tourist attracting investments from businesses. But even the north has seen about a 2% increase in property values since then.

Many are flocking to the high-end parts of the country looking to cash in on the real estate gold rush business opportunity. Low-end luxury real estate and many other houses for sale Dominican Republic start around $180,000 for mid-aged properties with 2-3 bedrooms and a ways from the ocean. You can then find everything from 2 bedroom apartments for $80,000 a block from the beach to beachfront properties in luxury communities that start at a whopping $700,000.